The Lento Law Firm Team

When you hire an attorney, you want to hire the best. But you also want to hire the strongest team behind your star attorney. You know that while the best professionals are experts in their own right, they also depend for their success on a strong team. Every great lawyer has a great team behind the great lawyer. When a great lawyer is out doing great public advocacy work, you can tell that the great lawyer has had a strong team doing the investigation, background, preparation, organization, and documentation work. Success in legal advocacy takes more than a star attorney. It also takes a strong team. Learn why and how attorney Joseph Lento built the strongest legal team at the Lento Law Firm. And learn what that great legal team offers and whom it comprises. Know the value of a great lawyer, but also know the value of a great legal team.

What Makes a Great Legal Team

Begin with a Great Attorney. You've probably seen good teams flounder because they lack star power and great leadership. Those teams are everywhere, in business, entertainment, sports, medicine, and other professions. You might get decent goods, services, or entertainment from a decent team. But a decent team without a great leader won't give you the highest quality performance, the kind of inspired work that accomplishes things for you that you barely thought possible. A great team demands a great leader. A good team will never reach its full potential until it has a star leader. Attorney Joseph D. Lento is the founder and namesake of the Lento Law Firm. Attorney Lento fought so hard to get where he has that he knows the kind of committed, persevering, and compelling work that it takes to achieve outstanding results. Attorney Lento not only knows what it takes to win. He also knows how to maintain his edge. The Lento Law Firm Team has a great, star-power leader in attorney Joseph Lento. When you retain the Lento Law Firm Team, you retain a great attorney leader in Joseph Lento.

Assemble and Inspire Great Team Players. But a star attorney is not enough to make a great legal team. A great legal team also needs great team players. To get the greatest value from the law firm you hire, you need both the star attorney and the great legal team players. The strongest defense attorney teams have great team players of three kinds. They first have a great legal staff of associate attorneys, legal assistants, and law clerks who know how to research, prepare, and present great defense cases. A great legal staff ensures that the star attorney has the best, most current, and most compelling legal arguments, theories, motions, responses, briefs, and authority. Law comes first in legal defense work. But a great legal team must also have great investigators committed to using their abundant investigative skills and long experience to discover everything possible about each legal case. They must leave no stone unturned. And finally, a great legal team must also have the best available expert consultants and resources on which to build the most strategic and convincing defense case. You don't win challenging defense cases without the best expertise. That's the great legal team that attorney Joseph Lento has built in the Lento Law Firm. Retain the Lento Law Firm Team to get the greatest legal defense services having the greatest value.

Strategize for Effective Service. Having the star attorney and the great legal team goes a long way toward being able to provide outstanding, highest-value attorney defense services. But the great team leader must also discern and implement a great strategy for effective legal service. You've probably seen decent teams with a lot of talented team members but no direction. Directionless teams can't accomplish what their talents should accomplish because they lack the organizing and vitalizing strategy. Attorney Joseph Lento decided early on that he wasn't interested in simply building a big law firm. His passion has always instead been to build an effective law firm. At the end of the day, attorney Lento must know that his legal team did everything lawfully possible to achieve the best results for each client. Attorney Lento has thus ensured that each addition to the Lento Law Firm Team has made the whole firm not simply bigger but instead more effective for each client. Attorney Lento has focused the Lento Law Firm Team on providing the highest quality, most efficient, most reliable, and most effective legal services.

Ignite a Passion for Serving. To maintain a great team's commitment and dedication from day to day and matter to matter takes more than having a star attorney, talented team players, and the right strategy. Maintaining the high performance of a great team also takes passion. And when that great team is in the profession of offering critical defense attorney services, the passion must be for serving. Attorney Lento has a drive and passion for serving by winning. Some attorneys thrive on the technicalities of complex transactions. Other attorneys thrive on giving loyal and trusted advice. But what gets attorney Lento up each morning ready to conquer all challenges is the passion to serve by winning. Competition alone is not enough to engage attorney Lento. The competition on which attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team members thrive is winning competition that achieves meaningful and satisfying results for clients. Attorney Lento does not recruit, retain, and employ Lento Law Firm Team members unless they share his passion for winning service. When you retain attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team, you get valuable winning service.

What Makes a Great Legal Staff

If the star attorney is the leader and motivator of a great legal team, then the legal staff is the great legal team's foundation. Armies, it is said, march on the stomachs of their soldiers. Great legal teams march on the talents and motivations of their legal staff. When founding attorney Joseph Lento recruits, interviews, evaluates, and retains new Lento Law Firm legal staff members, he isn't looking for friendly faces. Attorney Lento is looking for talented legal staff members who have solid credentials, great character, street smarts, and a shared passion for winning service. Attorney Lento hires, retains, and maintains legal staff members in whom he can see himself, as a fighter and overcomer. The Lento Law Firm's legal staff, more than any other part of the Team, bears the character of founding attorney Joseph Lento. The quality and commitment of the Lento Law Firm's legal staff is a huge part of the reason for the Lento Law Firm's winning service. Attorney Lento has recruited, employed, and inspired just the right mix of seasoned veterans and vigorous new blood to form the legal staff of the winning Lento Law Firm Team.

Associate Attorneys. When clients retain attorneys, clients rightly look to the law firm's founding and namesake partners to be sure that they are getting the character of lawyer and quality of service that their important matters require. But founding and namesake partners typically perform only a part, albeit a hugely important part, of the client's needed legal services. In many cases, the bulk of the legal service, including things like research, drafting, organization, preparation, and documentation, occurs behind the scenes. Although that legal service may be hidden from view, it can also be hugely important to the client's success. Associate attorneys often handle that important behind-the-scenes work. Associates attorneys are fully licensed and capable of handling critical up-front matters. But many associate attorneys nonetheless work behind the scenes, with the same passion and commitment of the founding and namesake partner. Attorney Lento has recruited, hired, trained, and employed only the associate attorneys who share his talent, character, commitment, and passion. Attorney Lento has an eye for associate talent and a heart for developing the skills of associate attorneys. When you retain the Lento Law Firm Team, you get the full benefit of ace associate attorneys.

Law Clerks and Interns. Law firms can also benefit from the services of law clerks and interns, if their partners, associate attorneys, and other career legal staff members know how to select, train, and supervise them. Law clerks are law students studying to become lawyers. In fact, some law clerks have already graduated from law school and are only waiting to take the bar exam or get favorable bar exam results. Law clerks are not paper filers or paper pushers. Law clerks instead have many of the skills of licensed lawyers, especially the skills of legal research and legal writing. Indeed, because they are still in law school or have recently graduated from law school, law clerks can have more-current law knowledge than some senior lawyers. When a law firm retains and supervises a strong law clerk team, the law firm gives its clients a lower cost, more efficient, and current knowledge and talent base. Attorney Lento keeps the pulse of the talent pool in local law schools, to hire the best law clerks fitting to the Lento Law Firm's practice areas. When you retain the Lento Law Firm Team, you get the full advantage of the strongest law clerks.

Paralegals and Legal Assistants. A great legal team should include skilled paralegals or legal assistants. Paralegals or legal assistants differ from law clerks in both their training and roles within the firm. Paralegals or legal assistants generally attend four-year undergraduate degree programs, not the three years of professional school that lawyers complete after earning an undergraduate degree. Although paralegals and legal assistants lack the graduate-level education that lawyers all receive, they have valuable training in how to organize, prioritize, and produce various forms of legal work. Paralegals and legal assistants have the training and skills to efficiently and effectively manage client intakes, file maintenance, records requests, review and summary of medical, employment, and school records, preparation of accounts and chronologies, and all manner of other tasks critical to the client's success. Paralegals and legal assistants do the foundational work that frees the team's lawyers to do their higher-level, higher-value work. But paralegals and legal assistants also exercise significant discernment and judgment, making their character, competence, and commitment critical to the success of the firm. The primary role of paralegals and legal assistants is to ensure that attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm's other professionals can perform at their highest level. Attorney Lento has recruited top-notch paralegals and legal assistants to support the clients of the Lento Law Firm team.

Staff Investigators

The Critical Role of Investigation. The Lento Law Firm's practice areas in legal defense make investigation work a critical component of the firm's winning service. To serve clients well, attorneys need to know everything material about their client's case. Successful attorneys know the facts, all the facts. The defense attorney who goes into trial, hearing, conference, or negotiation blind, unaware of critical facts, instantly loses the credibility and competence on which effective advocacy and representation depend. Attorneys have words for investigative failures, unpleasant words like sandbagged, duped, and blindsided. Investigative failures are often the turning point leading to a losing case. Attorney Lento won't let you down because of investigative failures. He won't let the other side sandbag or dupe you, and he won't let himself or his Lento Law Firm Team be blindsided. Attorney Lento is going to know the facts, all the facts, when he vigorously represents you.

The Critical Role of Investigators. The client plays an important role in informing the defense attorney about material facts. Clients do themselves and their defense attorney no favor when hiding from their defense attorney relevant facts. But clients generally don't know everything about their own case. Clients know what they've experienced, not what the other side has discovered and hidden. That's why attorney Lento has, from the founding of his firm, insisted on employing the most-skilled investigators available. Investigators uncover facts. Attorney Lento's investigators use lawful means to discover the information and evidence that makes a difference to the client's case. The Lento Law Firm Team's investigators locate witnesses, take witness statements, visit government and private offices, photograph and measure crime scenes, make archive searches, and secure and examine the evidence. Their police training and experience give them inside knowledge of how successful investigations work. When you hire the Lento Law Firm Team, you gain the help of skilled investigators.

Bringing Investigation In House. Many attorneys retain outside investigators for various cases. An outside investigator works on a contract basis, often for many different law firms. Attorney Lento has taken a different approach. He has brought these critical investigation skills in-house, employing full-time investigators rather than hiring them on a contract basis for individual cases. Attorney Lento has recruited former law enforcement officers with decades of experience in Special Investigation Units to serve as investigators for the Lento Law Firm Team. The Lento Law Firm's investigators have led thousands of government and private investigations into all manner of criminal and civil matters, including all of the practice areas in which the Lento Law Firm Team serves. Many of the greatest wins that attorney Lento claims have been due to the premier skills and special work of the Lento Law Firm Team's investigators. Attorney Lento also has a nationwide network of consulting investigators whom he can hire for individual cases. But attorney Lento's commitment to maintaining premier investigative services in-house has paid great dividends for many clients, increasing the value and effectiveness of the Lento Law Firm Team's services. When you retain attorney Lento, you retain an outstanding investigative team.

Strategic Expertise. Early on in building his great legal team, attorney Lento learned the value of strategic investigative expertise. Investigation is one thing. Intelligence analysis is another. Intelligence analysts don't just collect data. Intelligence analysts study the data that they or others have collected. That analysis reveals difference-making patterns in the data. Intelligence analysis also leads to the discovery and presentation of other difference-making evidence. When long ago attorney Lento learned the value of intelligence analysis, he promptly partnered with an attorney intelligence analyst and analyst firm to make those rare services available to clients of the Lento Law Firm. Strategic intelligence analysis brings a whole new level of expertise to the Lento Law Firm Team. When you retain attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm, you gain access to intelligence analyst services. Investigation makes the difference. Knowing what to investigate and how to understand the discovered data also make a difference.

Expert Consultants and Resources

The Role of Outside Resources. Attorney Lento has done more for your matter's success than simply building a great Lento Law Firm Team. Winning cases takes a great team. But winning cases can also take great outside support from consulting experts who bring critical expertise and resources. Yes, in-house expertise is hugely important to a law firm's ability to provide winning service. But outside expertise is very often necessary, too. In founding and building the Lento Law Firm, attorney Lento recognized that he would need not only a great onboard legal team but also a great network of outside expert consultants and resources. Outside expert consultants can provide the client with critical services, demonstrating to prosecutors, employers, courts, families, and others that the client has the coaching, mentoring, counseling, treatment, and other support and services the client needs for success. But outside expert consultants can also produce reliable reports and testify to expert opinions in trials and hearings, to convince judges, juries, prosecutors, and others that the client can and will do as the client ought. When you retain attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team, you gain access to a powerful network of outside expert consultants and resources.

Available Expertise. The expert consultants and resources that a client needs for a winning defense vary from case to case. The following list of expert consultants whom attorney Lento retains for clients, and expert resources that attorney Lento obtains, is only a partial list. New cases and clients bring new needs. The nature of expertise also constantly changes as new fields develop and grow. Attorney Lento stays up to date on those changes and developments to bring to your matter the latest experts and expertise. But consider the following list of common experts available through the Lento Law Firm's rich network, along with their expert resources:

Psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and therapists bring mental health resources to perform examinations, administer mental health tests, make mental health diagnoses, recommend and perform mental health treatment, and give mental health opinions and prognoses around criminal, family, and other case issues involving competency, sanity, anger management, emotional control, suicidal ideation, dependent care, and safety and security in relationships

Physicians, toxicologists, specialists, and other medical consultants bringing medical and physical health resources to perform examinations, administer physical tests, make a physical diagnosis, treat physical conditions, and give physical health opinions and prognoses on issues involving competency, capability, identity, recovery, care, safety, and security

Substance abuse, addiction, and narcotics consultants bringing alcohol and drug identification, use, and abuse expertise to perform tests, complete interviews and reviews, make recommendations, administer treatment and programs, provide education and training, and give informed opinions on capability, recovery, and safety and security in family and other relationships

Social workers, family counselors, and life care managers to examine, inspect, review, and opine in family law, domestic violence, protection-from-abuse, and similar cases involving dependent care, safety, security, and household management issues

Sex addiction and sex offender experts bringing expertise for sex-offender cases, registry disputes, sexual misconduct charges, family law disputes, protection-from-abuse cases, and similar cases involving allegations of sex crimes or sexual deviance

Accountants and finance consultants bringing financial expertise to criminal and business cases involving allegations of conversion, embezzlement, fraud, and other financial impropriety, and for valuations of businesses and property, and to confirm and opine as to the source and nature of disputed financial transactions

Computer, technology, and electronics consultants bringing expertise in identifying and tracing electronically stored information, to address disputes in academic misconduct cases, protection-from-abuse cases involving social media posts and access or cyberstalking, criminal cases involving allegations of electronic threats, hacking, and financial improprieties

Handwriting, fingerprint, and other identification consultants bringing expertise for criminal cases, protection-from-abuse cases, academic misconduct cases, other student discipline cases, and other cases involving questions over authorship and identification

Educators and learning-disability consultants bringing expertise in academic performance and capability, extenuating circumstances, recovery plans, and similar issues in academic progress cases, academic misconduct cases, student discipline cases, and other cases involving schools

Blood-testing, DNA, and other forensics consultants bringing expertise in examination, testing, and identification for criminal cases, drunk driving cases, sexual assault cases, and other cases requiring forensic review of biological evidence

Rehabilitation and remedial consultants bringing expertise in physical and mental capability to perform self-care, household services and management, and occupations for cases involving illness, injury, and disability, family law cases, protection-from-abuse cases, domestic violence cases, and similar disputes

Weapons consultants bringing expertise in ammunition, ballistics, and firearms for criminal cases, gun registration and safety issues, protection-from-abuse cases, domestic and family violence cases, and similar disputes involving the possession, discharge or other use, and identification of weapons

Illustrators, animators, modelers, and other presentation consultants bringing expertise in how to present video, photographic, physical, mechanical, and scene evidence in court trials and hearings, and for negotiations and plea bargains, in the clearest, most compelling, and most understandable manner

Appreciate the depth and breadth of the outside expertise available for your case when you retain attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team. Every case is different. Your case may require other expertise and resources. Attorney Lento has the expert networks to provide you with what your case needs for a winning defense. Trust attorney Lento, the Lento Law Firm Team, and their abundant outside expert resources.

What a Great Law Firm Team Really Brings

You can see how strong and skilled of an attorney defense team attorney Lento has built in the Lento Law Firm Team. Attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team have the commitment, skills, and resources for your winning defense. But what value, beyond a winning attorney defense, does a strong and skilled attorney defense team really bring to a client facing a serious legal challenge? A premier law firm team brings these additional values and qualities over and above your winning attorney defense:

Reputational value ensuring that your attorney defense gets the respect, trust, and attention of judges, prosecutors, police officers, probation officers, opposing parties, opposing experts, adverse witnesses, family, friends, employers, and others who have a role or interest in your winning defense

Financial value ensuring that your investment in your attorney defense returns greater value to you than you invested in and committed to your defense, with a return on investment extending into your freedom, finances, employment, relationships, physical and mental health, and reputation

Social value ensuring that your family members, friends, neighbors, business or professional acquaintances, co-workers, and others interested in or benefitting from their relationship with you all continue to value your relationship so that you can continue with a flourishing, beneficial, and rewarding social life

Attorney Lento wants you to succeed not just in a winning defense but also in other critical aspects of your life. Keeping your legal affairs in order is important. That's what a winning defense provides. But life is more than legal affairs. You also need to benefit and flourish in other areas of your life. Attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team commit to providing you and your winning attorney defense with those other rewarding values. Sometimes, the value of a professional's service goes well beyond technical performance to also touch and improve the lives of the clients. That extra value is what attorney Lento seeks to provide through the Lento Law Firm Team.

Premier Pennsylvania Attorney Defense Team Available. Attorney Joseph Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team are available for your Pennsylvania defense attorney representation. Founding attorney Joseph Lento has assembled a premier team of legal staff, staff investigators, strategic partners, and outside expert consultants and resources for the winning defense of your case. Call 888.535.3686 / 888.J.D.LENTO or go online to retain attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team.

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