Joseph D. Lento


I Pride Myself on Having Heart and Driving Hard to Get Results! 

As a veteran of the Philadelphia criminal court system, one of the nation's highest stakes forums, I have spent nearly fifteen years passionately advocating for clients.  As an attorney, I learned the practice of law in the trenches, dedicating myself to finding solutions to clients' matters both in and out of the courtroom.  At times, a client's matter can be resolved diplomatically, and I am a skillful negotiator. At other times, resolving a client's matter requires me to drive hard, and I do not back down in the face of adversity, no matter how difficult the challenge may seem!


What it Takes to Win

I had a modest upbringing and I fought hard to make it to the top.  While attending law school at night, I remember a comment that was made to me in a social setting - "It's not easy being a young attorney."  As a young attorney, it was by no means easy, but nothing stops me from coming out swinging and going the distance.  Being the first in my family to become an attorney, fighting with all of my heart to make the difficult situations my clients were faced with better, and putting my stake in the ground as a young attorney were challenges to be met and overcome.  When my clients come to me, they are often facing one of their most difficult times in life.  Knowing that life is not always easy, I take clients' concerns personally, and I am only satisfied when a client is satisfied.  Success is often hard-fought, and I wouldn't expect it to be any other way.

I threw my hat in the ring the day I graduated from Temple University's Beasley School of Law; a proud occasion after four demanding years of classes, four nights a week, and while working full-time.  With that goal in life accomplished, I took the initiative to learn what it takes to win as an attorney.  Working with a legend among Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys, studying criminal defense trial advocacy at the Defender Association of Philadelphia through Temple Law, and serving as a select private attorney for the New Jersey Office of the Public Defender gave me incomparable trial experience and expertise.  I went on to establish the Lento Law Firm which I started and built from the ground up, and which in close to a decade has successfully handled thousands of clients' cases. 

When I set a goal in life, I do not stop until I succeed, and I put the same determination into resolving my clients' concerns - Countless battles both in and out of the courtroom, countless negotiations where the stakes are always high, and sometimes, everything falls into place without having to come out swinging.  Nothing gets handed to most people in life, and whether it's a position I'm arguing for a client, a negotiation with the powers that be that will allow for a more favorable resolution to a client's case, or anything that requires me to drive hard, I do not stop until I get results! 

Maintaining My Edge

I maintain my edge, and I am an active member of notable legal associations and also organizations exclusively dedicated to defending people charged with criminal offenses. I stay on the frontline of the law, and I stay informed of the best practices in defending against such charges. Some of my professional activities, both past and present, include the:

  • Philadelphia Bar Association – Criminal Justice Section
  • Philadelphia Criminal Law American Inn of Court - Founding Member
  • Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys (PACDL)
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys (NACDL)
  • National College of DUI Defense (NCDD)
  • The Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers of New Jersey (ACDL-NJ)
  • National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)
  • Montgomery County Bar Association
  • Delaware County Bar Association
  • Bucks County Bar Association
  • Pennsylvania Bar Association
  • American Bar Association

Challenges Welcome

I always welcome a challenge, and working full-time while attending Temple University Beasley School of Law at night is but one example. Prior to my graduation from Temple Law, I attended Villanova University where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Business.  I am proud to be the first in my family to graduate from college or law school, and my other accomplishments include acceptance into the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidates School and being awarded The Honorable Nicholas A. Cipriani Scholarship while at Temple Law. 

My professional experience also includes my work with the School District of Philadelphia and my work for the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, the judicial body governing Philadelphia consisting of the Court of Common Pleas and the Municipal Court.  I also serve as a First Judicial District of Pennsylvania certified arbitrator and an Eleventh Judicial District of Pennsylvania certified arbitrator, and I preside over civil actions filed respectively in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County and the Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County.

Getting Results

I pursue goals with intensity, have opened every door in life on my own, and proudly fight the good fight.  I have long understood the importance of driving hard to achieve goals, and when all is said and done, I do what it takes to get my clients results!

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It's easy to call oneself a "fighter."  It's not easy to have the heart to back it up. In the courtroom and in life, I stand up when the bell rings.

Recent Blog Posts


  • Honest Lawyer w/ Strong Attention to Detail

    I recently have received a letter from my probation office asking me to visit his office for a mandatory meeting. It has been 4 years since I have spoke with anyone and wanted to get my probation dropped. I did some basic searches on the internet and contacted a few lawyers. Most of them did not...
  • Very Professional and Communicated the Entire Process

    I used Joseph for an expungement. Everything was completed in a very fast time period and he was very professional and communicated the entire process. I would use him again. Very good lawyer
  • Thanks a Million!

    Joseph, I appreciate all your help in getting the matter resolved for me in such a timely manner.  Thanks a million!
  • You Did a Fantastic Job

    I think you did a fantastic job, and were right there with us every step of the day, and I am grateful for that.
  • You Are Great at What You Do!

    Joe, I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard effort during my time of need. You are great at what you do.
  • Joseph Lento Cares Deeply About His Clients

    I have known Joseph Lento nearly ten years.  Mr. Lento cares deeply about his clients and the outcome of their cases; his success on behalf of his clients speaks volumes.
  • Very Happy

    Mr. Lento, I am very happy with the result...Thank you for all of your help.
  • Great Dedicated Advocate!

    I had consulted with many attorneys for a very important matter to me. I met with Mr. Lento and immediately was convinced he was the right advocate for me. I was right; the dedication and experience Mr. Lento has helped me out tremendously and my matter was resolved in my favor. Thank you, Mr. Le...
  • Professional, Caring, Results-driven

    I highly recommend Mr. Lento to anyone in-state or out-of-state that is in need of professional legal representation with a caring touch. He was incredibly understanding and responsive in our time of need. During the initial consultation Mr. Lento took the time to step us through the legal proces...
  • Amazing!

    My husband and I hired Joseph Lento and it was the best decision we could have made! He takes the time to go over everything with you and gets the results he sets out to get!
  • Outstanding Attorney with an Edge

    Joe is outstanding as a defense attorney with an edge. Joe helped me win a challenging & very exhausting case. Respectful and always answered my calls and questions. Took his time to explain everything in detail to me for court. Tediously prepared for court. Joe's professionalism, determinati...
  • Very Satisfied

    Joseph did an excellent job getting an old case expunged for a family member. He was extremely quick to respond to emails and got the job done much faster than anticipated. His services are also reasonably priced. Very satisfied overall.
  • If you need a hard working, dedicated lawyer to work with you on your case, then Joseph D. Lento is the leading candidate !!!

    Joseph Lento is a dedicated lawyer who stands by his commitments and ethics to resolves all issues that any of his clients are dealing with. Through my experience with working with Mr. Lento, he went far and beyond the call of duty to resolve my case...Mr. Lento also advised me of the best course...
  • Efficient, Compassionate, and Trustworthy

    Mr. Lento is efficient, compassionate, and trustworthy. His prompt, thorough responses to my questions helped to ease my anxiety throughout an extremely stressful situation. I highly recommend his services.
  • Above and Beyond

    I used many different lawyers in the past but none of them went above and beyond like Attorney Joseph Lento. Throughout my entire court proceedings he made me feel comfortable and confident that there was going to be a positive outcome. Thank you again for everything.
  • Grateful for Mr. Lento. HIGHLY recommend!!

    We contacted Mr. Lento about a family situation, and he practically became a part of our family. He got back to us immediately. Mr. Lento stayed in touch with us through every step of a very difficult process. Best defense attorney ever. I am still crying as I write this, because he defended a fa...
  • The Quintessential Lawyer

    Joseph Lento is the lawyer you need to represent you with your legal issues. He is thorough, diligent, patient, and he will fight for your case every step of the way. You will surely be glad that you had a dedicated lawyer on your side.
  • Very Professional and Friendly Service

    I randomly found this law firm through a Google search and am glad I did.  The price was very fair and the service can't be beat.  Joseph's communication was top notch throughout the process even going above and beyond what would be expected including responding to me on nights and weekends.  I h...
  • Personal Care and Commitment

    Lawyers are easy to find, but a great lawyer like Mr. Joe Lento is difficult to find. I spoke to Mr. Lento prior to my situation on the phone, and in that first phone call I knew he was the one. Mr. Lento was very understanding, listened to my case and concerns, compassionate, spent the time to m...
  • Sensitive Issue that Joseph Lento Resolved

    I was referred to Mr. Joseph Lento by a friend for a sensitive issue that needed to be addressed. I felt at the time, if I ignored the problem it would go away, but I needed help. I spoke with Joe to see what he thought about my situation. He explained my options and set a possible solution. I fe...
  • Outstanding Work Ethic

    I hired Joseph Lento based on other good reviews I've read about him. He took my case seriously and personally and did everything he told me he was going to get done. His work ethic, attitude, and performance is outstanding and I would DEFINITELY recommend him to anyone that is in need of any help.
  • The Best Lawyer

    Attorney Joseph D. Lento demonstrated that he has an excellent understanding of the law. He thoroughly reviewed my case, gathered supportive documentation, and then coordinated communication between the pertinent legal agencies involved in order to provide them with the best understanding of my s...
  • Very Dedicated, Intelligent and Hard Working

    Mr. Lento is very reliable, intelligent, dedicated and provides his clients with thorough representation. I am very pleased with his services and highly recommend him.
  • Mr. Lento Really Cares

    Mr. Lento really cares about his clients. He answers any calls, texts, or emails immediately. Works on the weekends. I'll never use another lawyer again and I don't even know the outcome in court yet.
  • Mr. Lento Works Hard and is Very Attentive to the Needs of His Clients

    Joseph Lento is an excellent and very sincere attorney.  After reviewing my situation with him and explaining my concerns, he was 100% genuine and honest with me about the best courses of action to pursue in defending my case in order to achieve the most favorable outcome for me personally.  Furt...
  • Thank You

    Thank you for your time and consideration for our son, Paul.  I appreciate your correspondence with us during these trying times. 
  • Joseph Lento Came Through in the 9th Inning

    I was already being represented by another lawyer when I found myself having to go to yet another trial which was going to cost even MORE money than I had anticipated. My current lawyer called on Joseph Lento to see if he could help me out. Without any knowledge of my case and only ONE week until...
  • Straightforward

    I had charges brought against me and I called Mr. Lento and left a message. He was prompt in returning my call and discussing the fee to represent me and the matters of the case. He was very upfront and asked how I wanted him to pursue the case. He laid out the processes of each and their potenti...
  • Awesome Lawyer

    Mr. Lento is a great lawyer. I live across the country and I had a small case and a lot of lawyers seemed as if they were too busy.  Mr lento called me everyday, kept me updated, and handled the situation super fast. THANK YOU MR. LENTO!  I'm really grateful.
  • Mr. Lento Resolved the Issues with My School

    I was having issues with my school and I needed a lawyer immediately. It was during a holiday weekend, and my chances of finding a lawyer were almost slim to none. My friend referred me to Joe, and he immediately picked up the case. Joe got back to me within minutes of reaching out to his office,...
  • A Straight Shooter Who Gets the Job Done!

    I endorse Joseph D. Lento, Esq., and recommend him without reservation to anyone in need of an excellent attorney.  He is passionate, honest, hard working and responsive.  He follows up when he says he will and is there for you at all times.  I recommend anyone in need of an attorney to Mr. Lento...
  • No Jail Time for Violation of Parole

    I would recommend Mr. Lento to anyone! I hired him for my girlfriend with less than a month for a violation of parole hearing where she was facing 6 months of incarceration. Needless to say we walked out of court with no jail time. He is always available for his clients whether its early in the m...
  • Indebted to Attorney Lento

    Attorney Lento is to be commended for his success with my case(s) in particular. From the beginning, he was very empathetic and forthcoming. His attention to detail and relentless determination resulted in a positive outcome for me. His overall efforts impacted my quality of life in such a fashio...
  • I Was in Good Hands

    Last June I had an incident that required me immediately to immediately retain counsel. I ended up being represented by someone that clearly was unwilling to do what it takes to handle my case. We were then referred to Joseph Lento. Within an hour of leaving a message for him I was speaking to hi...
  • A Straight Shooter with an Edge

    I endorse Joseph D. Lento, Esquire, and recommend him without reservation to anyone...Joe is extremely intelligent, full of compassion, and he knows the law well. I was fortunate to have Joe's assistance, and as an attorney, I observed that he has a certain "edge" to him that makes him stand out ...
  • Outstanding Attorney

    Many thanks for your legal skills, talent, compassion, and expertise representing our daughter who was facing numerous years of incarceration. Your court room knowledge and determination resulted in a 12 month probation allowing her to enjoy her freedom, family, and home. On behalf of my family a...
  • Very Pleased

    I am very pleased with the results that Joseph Lento brought my son! He turned an impossible situation into a happy day at the courtroom. I would highly recommend this attorney to anyone seeking an honest, reliable, and able lawyer who knows the law and cares about his clients!
  • Excellent Service - Dedicated and Professional

    I am very pleased with the outcome of my niece's case after Joe's participation. The thing that impressed me the most is that he paid great attention to the details, which differentiates his service from others. Very thoughtful and professional. My niece is an international student. Joe took a gr...
  • My Expungement Was Granted Despite the Odds!

    I cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am to have found Attorney Joseph Lento! I had a pretty sticky unique situation on my hands involving an expungement, and spent many hours on the phone calling around to different attorneys in the area to explain it. Most of them simply claimed that a...
  • Mr. Lento, A Great Attorney!

    Mr Lento is a great Attorney.  Mr. Lento took the time and patience to listen and help me get my son out of jail.  Mr. Lento is an attorney you can trust and count on.  Mr. Lento never let my son or I down.  Mr. Lento Is a hard-working attorney that cares.  I will definitely recommend Mr. Lento t...
  • Limited Access Order

    I contacted Attorney Lento through his website and he was very quick answering me when I first reached out to him explaining my case. He is very knowledgeable and helped to file the necessary court documents to seal a past charge/record. Whenever I needed a question he was very responsive and hel...
  • Mr. Lento Saved My Drivers License, My Pension, and My Job

    Mr. Lento saved my drivers license, my pension, and my job as a truck driver for 17 years. I may had a few drinks that night, but I was no where near past the legal limit. Those cops were setting me up - waiting near the bar just to pull us over; just anther stupid game the cops play at the begin...
  • I Thank God for Putting Mr. Lento in My Path

    I found out about Mr. Lento after searching for experienced DUI attorneys in my area. I looked through several profiles for days but I just felt like he was the right one for me. I decided to contact him. Our initial conversation just made me feel this comfort. I can remember that he said " We wi...
  • Hard-Working

    I have worked with Attorney Joseph Lento for several years. He is diligent and hard working. I would recommend his services to anyone seeking an experienced trial attorney.
  • Professional, Caring, Results-driven

    I highly recommend Mr. Lento to anyone in-state or out-of-state that is in need of professional legal representation with a caring touch. He was incredibly understanding and responsive in our time of need. During the initial consultation Mr. Lento took the time to step us through the legal proces...
  • Committed to Being the Best at What He Does

    I recommend Mr. Lento to anyone searching for a great attorney. I know how hard and overwhelming it can be to find the right fit when your money and criminal defense is at stake. Mr. Lento helped my uncle with a case that was very sensitive and important to us. Joseph D. Lento is attentive, sharp...
  • Best VOP Lawyer in Philadelphia

    Joseph Lento put up a great defense for me even though I felt as though it was almost impossible for me on my fourth violation. I could not believe the outcome for the both times I used Joseph Lento. I felt very good about going back in front of my back judge he gave me hope that we still had a c...
  • NOT GUILTY When the Odds Were Against Us

    Mr. Lento was available for all the witnesses and was able to gather a great defense that led to NOT GUILTY verdict when all the odds were against us. There were priors and it did not look good. He's the lawyer that helped us obtain victory. I would strongly recommend him and say that he was wort...
  • Highly Dedicated

    I have known Joseph Lento professionally and personally for approximately five years. I have had the privilege to work with Joe on cases with mutual clients. His professional integrity is without a doubt the cornerstone of his professional practice. He works tirelessly to ensure that his clients ...
  • Impeccable Representation

    Mr. Lento was an outstanding advocate. My fiancé was facing a serious driving offense with a mandatory jail sentence. Mr. Lento effortlessly negotiated for us and my fiancé got the best result possible, no jail time, license suspension, or points on his license! Mr. Lento answered every single on...
  • Responsive, Thorough, and Creative in His Advice

    I was pleased with Mr. Lento's service as my wife's attorney. He was very helpful and was able to give us peace of mind. During hard times while waiting for the court outcome, he was considerate, and always accessible for any questions and concerns we had. He is an outstanding attorney that goes ...
  • Joe is the Best!

    I never finished my ARD conditions after being convicted of a DUI in Philadelphia almost 7 years ago. I was worried I would be in a lot of trouble and finally wanted this resolved, so, I called Joe. He assured me he would work his hardest to get me back into the program and help me get back on tr...
  • Mr. Lento Brought My Fiance Home

    Mr. Lento was hired for my fiance's case.  It was such a tough time for us, but Mr. Lento made it clear he would do everything he could to bring him home to us as soon as possible and he did just that.  My fiance was looking at a few years up state and he got it down to a few years' probation. I ...
  • Excellent Attorney

    I hired Joseph Lento to represent my son and he did a remarkable job and brought us a great result! He worked tirelessly on our case and fought hard… He is friendly, trustworthy, and he answered all our questions. I highly recommend [Mr. Lento] and would gladly hire him again. Joseph Lento is an ...
  • Mr. Lento Showed Passion for My situation as if it Were His Own.

    Mr Lento was a huge help with my stressful situation I was involved in. I never had to do anything which involved court or even a hearing. He made me feel ready and also relaxed for the event. Also during my hearing experience he provided me with well worded questions and comments that supported...
  • A+++++ LAWYER

    Would recommend Joe Lento over and over again. He took on my daughter's case and was very dedicated. Under her case's circumstances we were afraid she would face jail time but thanks to Joe she can be home to raise her baby. He always returned our calls promptly and took the time to answer all ou...
  • Mr. Lento Fights All the Way to the End

    Mr. Lento is knowledgeable, experienced, and strategic. Above all, Mr. Lento is extremely respectful, honest, and sincere. Given any case, Mr. Lento will not leave you standing alone, nor leave you mislead. Mr. Lento fights all the way to the end to insure what is in your best interest.  Mr. Lent...
  • Joseph Lento Helped My Ex Out of a Horrible Situation

    I had the honor and pleasure to have had Mr. Lento has my ex-husband's attorney. Not ever having to need a lawyer, I was very skeptical that anyone could help my ex out of the horrible situation he found himself in. Mr. Lento not only took me and this case under his wing he made sure to inform me...
  • Mr. Lento Knocked it Out of the Park

    Great job by Mr. Lento. During the time that he addressed my case, I was kept up to date as things were happening. Could not speak highly enough about his professionalism.
  • Mr. Lento Got the Job Done!

    Straightforward, honest, and strategic. This attorney got the job done!
  • I Can't Thank You Enough

    I can't thank you enough once again.  Your level of preparation for the lawyers that I've dealt with is unparalleled.
  • Knowledgeable, Thoughtful, Involved

    Joseph Lento represented a family member in the court of Chester County. He has been diligent in his efforts to secure a very positive end result under difficult circumstances. We would recommend him to those  in need of a knowledgeable, thoughtful, involved representative.
  • Dedication

    The first time I spoke to Mr. Joseph Lento I knew in my gut he was the best attorney to represent my son in an horrible unfortunate, untrue legal matter. I allowed those in my family that I believed to have better knowledge then I of many attorneys associated with juvenile justice. Well, I hired ...
  • My Record Had My Back Against the Wall - Thank You, Joseph Lento

    I was in a really tough spot in my life where my record had my back against the wall. During an online search I came across Mr. Joseph Lento, I was very nervous as I have never dealt with any situation such as this. However Mr. Lento made it very easy for me by explaining the process step by step...
  • You Are the Best

    [My son] asked me to tell you that you are the best lawyer he ever had and he really appreciates all you've done for him. I feel that way too and I wish we would have retained you right from the start...Thanks, Joe.
  • The Parole Board Was Trying to Take 2-4 Years of My Boyfriend's Life

    My boyfriend got into a terrible situation where the parole board was trying to take 2-4 years of his life from him. We dealt with other lawyers before this particular court date and they were all just a bad experience and very unhelpful, had their own agenda. Then, we requested some help from Jo...
  • Professional and Dedicated with Incredible Follow-Up and Commitment

    Mr. Joseph Lento was helpful, hard working and competent with excellent knowledge of the law. His recommendations intercessions and negotiation abilities on our loved one's behalf were invaluable. His follow up and prompt and complete attention to detail was very helpful and critical to a excelle...
  • Hard Working and Goes Above and Beyond

    We found Mr. Lento on line and needed assistance with a student issue at a local Philadelphia college. We had very little time to respond and had no idea how to handle things since we are not from the area. Mr. Lento responded to our message immediately, was compassionate and willing to assist. H...
  • Joseph Lento Made a Hard Time Easier

    Mr. Lento, thank you for making a hard time easier.
  • Awesome Guy

    Joe was referred to me by a friend. When I contacted him he immediately got my case files and started to discuss my options with me. Whenever I had a question he was always able to answer them and always returned my voicemails. Joe knew I was a family man and wanted to be there for my wife and ki...
  • Trustworthy and Competent

    I am glad that I worked with Mr. Lento. I met him to talk about my situation and he was really nice. It was even before working together, but he gave me a good advice. I had 4 traffic tickets (reckless driving, speeding more than 30 miles, two not obeying signal tickets) that were 14 points total...
  • A Lawyer for Life

    Mr. Joseph Lento was a very wonderful man who became a friend to my son and family. He explained every question and statement that was made or presented. I have no complaints only praises, because he did an awesome job!!!
  • I Have My Life Back Because of the Hard Work of Mr. Lento

    Mr. Lento was extremely professional and efficient. I was lucky to have such a diligent and patient lawyer as I fought to keep my freedom. Although my case often looked bleak, Mr. Lento keep working until the very end, and eventually negotiated a withdrawal of my charges by the District Attorney'...
  • Blessed to Find Mr. Lento

    We are so glad that we were able to hire Mr. Joseph Lento to represent my son . Mr. Lento kept us informed throughout the case.  My son was looking at 4 years incarceration.  Mr. Lento got it down to 3 years of probation .I am so blessed that I found him. I would truly recommend his services.
  • You Have a Very Special Gift

    Thank you for everything you are doing for Tracey and my family.  You have a very Special Gift.  You care!
  • ZERO Jail Time

    Several months into a criminal case we had to get a new lawyer. We were referred to Mr. Lento by a friend and he immediately made himself available to discuss the difficult predicament we were in. Mr. Lento contacted us every day with updates and continuously worked behind the scenes to help us. ...
  • A True Professional

    I am very happy with the service I received from Attorney Joseph Lento. When faced with this situation, we did not know what to do or where to turn. Our fears were put to rest when we found Mr. Joseph Lento. He explained everything that was going to happen and was always responsive to our questio...
  • Lento Fights for the Best Possible Result

    Joe Lento represented me through an extremely difficult time in my life. His communication was second to none--he was clear about the goals of the representation and was diligent about keeping me informed at all stages throughout the representation. More importantly, he accomplished an important ...
  • I Was Able to Walk Out of Court Facing No Time

    I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Lento as an attorney to be represented by! I had hired him with only less than a month before my court date, which was for a violation of parole. I was facing 6 months of jail time and because of him, I was able to walk out of court facing no time. He is very trust wo...
  • An Honest and Reputable Attorney

    I researched several attorneys online in the Philadelphia area and stumbled across Lento Law Firm on Google. I contacted Mr. Lento's office (on short notice and after hours on a Friday) for assistance with a traffic ticket in PA. I left a message expecting to receive a call back on Monday at the ...
  • A True Professional

    Joseph Lento is a true professional, and is excellent at what he does. I came to him with an emergency situation and he literally dropped everything for me to make sure things worked out and that Justice was served. He got started right away and worked Non-Stop to make sure I was okay and that th...
  • Excellent Attorney!

    Mr. Lento is a great attorney.  When we called Mr. Lento for my brother in law's case, he immediately made himself available and he assisted us and answered all of our questions in a clear and concise manner.  Because of Mr. Lento's expertise and professionalism, everything was resolved with the ...
  • Very Responsive, Fast, and Helpful

    I contacted Attorney Lento through his website and he was very prompt answering back when I first reached out to him explaining my case. He immediately started helping me out on the case. He is very knowledgeable and was very clear explaining the procedures. Whenever I needed clarification or had...
  • Joseph Lento Didn't Take NO for an Answer

    Joseph Lento, Esq., has a lot of charisma, his compassion for your situation is impeccable. He has a determined capability of influence when speaking to the judge, D.A., etc. My son and I are so grateful due to the extreme situations in two different counties. We felt their was absolutely nothing...
  • Thank You Again Sincerely

    I thank you again sincerely, Joe.  You did a fantastic job.  It's so nice to not stress anymore.
  • Criminal Background Sealing

    Pursuant to the new "Clean Slate" law passed by the Pennsylvania Senate, Mr. Joseph Lento worked tirelessly for me to seal my criminal record.  My misdemeanors were greater than ten years old, but they were preventing me from reaching my full potential academically and professionally. I spoke can...
  • Incredibly Professional and Understanding in My Time of Need

    I would recommend Attorney Joseph Lento to anyone in need of a lawyer. He was incredibly professional and understanding in my time of need. Mr. Lento, not only provided me information on the status of my case, but provided a timeline as to when I could expect it resolved. Because I live outside t...
  • Against All Odds

    Joseph Lento did an outstanding job in regards to the "Guilty until proven innocent" nightmare called Title IX.  Against all odds, he was able to achieve the best outcome possible.  He was diligent and thoughtful, patient and understanding.  Our family is eternally grateful to him and highly reco...
  • Efficient and Communicative

    Mr. Joseph Lento efficiently handled my case, and always kept me informed of the progression of events and what to expect. I was satisfied with his handling of my case and recommend him to others.
  • Customer Satisfaction is # 1

    Joe is not the typical stuffy attorney who will just go through the motions until he gets paid. He doesn't come from a privileged background, and, as a result, knows how to work extremely hard. Joe knows comfort breeds complacency. In my experiences with Joe, he has made himself available wheneve...
  • Great, Determined Attorney

    Joseph Lento was amazing to work with. Joseph answered all my questions. Mr. Lento would call, text, and/or email with case updates and would also respond promptly with any concern that I had. Mr. Lento works quickly and efficiently. Mr. Lento is the only lawyer that I will ever hire again. I wou...
  • Great Individual, Impeccable Lawyer

    After being released on bail for felony charges I reached out to several different law firms. Mr. Lento got back to me WITHIN MINUTES of my initial email. He outlined the details of my case, and explained how the legal process would unfold. The legal system is slow and tough, but Mr. Lento worked...
  • Case Dismissed

    I was charged with a DUI at a check point because my car had an odor of marijuana and Joe got it thrown out. He kept me updated on everything I needed to be aware of. He also did everything in his power to defend me for a fair price. I will definitely recommend you. I appreciate you, Joe!
  • Great Attorney!

    As much as I would prefer to no longer reflect on a dark chapter in my family's life that is now thankfully behind us, the dark chapter itself would not have ended in the successful manner that it did without Joseph Lento's tireless efforts on behalf of my son and family. Why did my son find him...
  • A Great Lawyer

    My son won his case thanks to a great lawyer!
  • Over and Above

    Mr. Lento was very informative, punctual, and went over and above in the handling of my case.

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Attorney Joseph D. Lento has nearly a decade of experience successfully resolving clients' criminal charges in Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania counties. If you are having any uncertainties about what the future may hold for you or a loved one, contact the Lento Law Firm today! Criminal defense attorney Joseph D. Lento will go above and beyond the needs of any client, and will fight until the final bell rings.

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